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Samples of re-touching technique

Hello! This section gives you a bit of information regarding my re-touching techniques. I have dealt with lots and lots of skin types, colors and issues over the years so its rare when I find something I can’t fix. However, I am a firm believer in natural beauty. Having four daughters myself, I am always aware of what message I am sending out to them regarding beauty and attractiveness. For that reason, I believe photoshop should be used to enhance natural beauty. I believe that your facial features are you, but not necessarily your acne or blemishes. Therefor, I spend the majority of my editing time smoothing out skin, evening out skin tone and removing stray hairs and such. I rarely am reshaping noses or chins or enlarging eyes, ect. For bodies, I will nip and tuck a bulge here or there…smooth out a tummy roll (I know no one likes their lonjas), but for the most part I like your body to look like you as you are now. If you have any special requests or something specific you want me to work on, just let me know.

As a side note, please do not pass this link out to anyone. It is for educational purposes only. Even though a copyright release is signed for all sessions, and I have the right to use the photos as I wish, having an un-retouched photo of yourself circulating the web would not be fun for any of us…please respect my clients privacy as I will respect yours…thanks!