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we are currently staying at a local hotel until our house is livable again.  we will be taking this week off in order to clean up and organize paper work, as well as back up all of our data.  we will be contacting each of our clients personally and letting them know the situations with their particular files.  we will resume normal business hours next monday.  all appointments are still on…we are not cancelling any photo shoots.  if you ave any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to call or email :) 956.789.5620



saturday, february 28th we had a devastating fire that has destroyed part of our home. as for our equipment…luckily, gerardo was on a photo shoot so he had much of his equipment with him. we have lost a few lights and all of our backdrops, but MIRACULOUSLY our back up hard drives were saved. we feel that it truly is a MIRACLE that they are still intact and that all of our clients MEMORIES HAVE BEEN PRESERVED! we are currently backing up everything onto new hard drives. we will be contacting all of our clientele within the week to let them know the status of their photographs and videos. RIGHT NOW, ALL OF OUR PRODUCTION HAS BEEN HALTED AS WE SPEND ALL OF OUR TIME BACKING UP FILES AND DATA. we also have many files to sift through, so we appreciate your patience as we work our way through this process.

we still do not know the cause of the fire, but will keep you updated as we get more information.  we have posted some pictures below so that you can see the damage…















on saturday, at 5:30 p.m., our daughter summer, heard our dog ginger barking downstairs.  she went to the office door and found black smoke seeping through the door frame.  she immediately yelled for me to come downstairs…when i did, i opened the door and black smoke came billowing out!  we ran out the back door and over to the neighbors to call 911.  we saw the garage door expanding and contracting with flames shooting out of the top.  the firefighters were on the scene within 10 minutes and quickly put out the fire.  we have extensive smoke damage throughout the house, but because the doors to the laundry and entryway were closed, it suffocated the fire from spreading.  we are so grateful for the fact that everyone got out safely and that the fire didn’t spread further than it did.  

we have to give a big thank you to all of those who have extending a helping hand to us at this time.  we have been given food, blankets, and computer equipment to keep our business running.  we’ve had many offers of child care and will surely be calling many of you to take you up on it :)

urban bride

i have been planning this shoot for months. one of my favorite things to do is conceptualize photo sessions. i love thinking about the dress, the hair pieces, the jewelry, the makeup and hairstyle, the location…and then figuring out how everything will look when its put together. for these two shoots, i went shopping at sposa misa bridal salon for the dresses, and made the hair pieces myself since i couldn’t find what i was looking for. dina baez did the make up and hair (thank you!), and i went to 13 different stores until i found the perfect set of earings. the locations gerardo came up with…he’s much better at that than i am.

big thanks go out to sarah and melissa. they are regular gals that we thought we’d have some fun with :) both of them were AWESOME to shoot…














melissa shot a few pictures in another one of our sposa mia gowns, but this time she had a feathers on her eyelashes :) i had a couple of inquiries on where there pictures were, so i thought they derserved their own post.







garmendia girls

lisbeth guerra of signature collections took these super fun pics of our daughters this last saturday! we had a rockin’ good time :) it also gave the girls the opportunity to dress up and accesorize which they LOVE! thanks again lisbeth!